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This is a working page to track and document the 5G Super Blue Print build and risk mitigation, starting with Phase 1.

A key output of the 5G Super Blue Print build is collateral that can be used by community members. Phase 1 collateral can be used at ONE Summit in October 2021 and shouyld be as complete as possible. Collateral should be in the form of Powerpoint, Step by Step Build Guide (Wiki), video.

A key to accurate and comprehesive Collateral at the end is to document each step of the build along the way, including video capture where possible.

How can I help? - signup to help document the build at each step.

Phase 1: Work Plan

Documentation- send config steps, log info, links, screen shots, etc to No need to format. It will be sorted, formatted, and placed on the wiki.

Action Item- Guidance on 5G standalone testing/timeline (Wavelabs & Phil)


Reserve two LaaS servers and request an extension



Install Anuket clusters on (one) separate LaaS servers

(ONAP Honolulu Anuket (Kali?) intergation is completed)

Kuberef team



Documentation on ONAP/Anuket integration,

Install ONAP on K8s cluster#1, create overlay networks





Register Edge Cloud (K8s cluster#2) with ONAP

  • Documentation

Dependency on Magma install

Onboard Magma Orchestrator CNF

  • Onboarding and orchestrating of Magma onto KuD using ONAP --[Seshu (ONAP SO expert) & Prabhjot]
  • Documentation

 target completion

  • Update: ONAP Honolulu up and running. Helm chart issues discovered
  • HELM issues discovered. Document remediation/workaround (Yogendra) 

Onboard Access Gateway CNF

  • Documentation

Dependency on Magma install

Create & deploy Magma Orchestrator NS

  • Documentation

Dependency on Magma install

Create & deploy AGW NS

  • Documentation

Dependency on Magma install

Register AGW with Magma Orchestrator (new CBA)

  • Documentation
Done manually while the CBA gets developed

Added: Non-stand alone Testing. Can GenXcomm run NSA testing of Magma

  1. Setup Magma on 2nd server
  2. start 5G non-stand alone testing
  • Documentation

Check with GenXComm if they have the capability to start this testing; we can start it in parallel to the above work

  • Louis to check with GenXComm
Added: Install ABot, test Magma with ABotRebaca

Kader confirms working with Rebaca to develop process and skills to test ABot with Magma

  • 5G testing. in progress. Working with Kader/Wavelab. Show to commnunity on 11/30

Install UE/gNB simulator on LaaS server#1 on a separate VM

  • Documentation

Pending Rebaca discussion. Invite Rebaca now the 5G demo is completed

Run UE/gNB simulator tests e.g. traffic test

  • Documentation

Pending Rebaca discussion


  • Video
  • Powerpoint
  • Step by Step Guide
  • Video
TBDTBDStep by Step Build Guide (Wiki)

Phase 1: Risks & Mitigation






Comments/Other Considerations

Traffic Testing IssuesHighHigh
Active cooperation from Wavelabs and FBSetup dedicated tech sessions
Magma AGW CNF availabilityHighTBD

ONAP orchestration of CNFs runs into issuesHighHigh
Seek help from ONAP communityWork with Kenny and Catherine for additional ONAP resource(s) as needed.
Lab AvailabilityHighMedLouis/BrandonRequest long duration (~4-6 months) reservations from the LaaS teamEstablish a more permanent solution in parallel (CEGN, OPS 5G, TIP etc.)
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