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A frequent request of many program users (i.e. service providers) has been the inclusion of performance testing withing the compliance programs.  The purpose of this work stream is to develop a proposal for the test teams (i.e. Dovetail, vsperf, etc.) to build upon to support the inclusion of performance testing within the compliance programs.  The proposal will need to address how the performance requirements are set in a fair, unbiased way, that can be supported and updated as hardware and software continues to mature.  

Proposal Development

  • Initial input was provided in this presentation.
  • Open questions and discussion is taking place on this Etherpad.
  • Agreements are captured below based on these discussions and a final call for consensus during a CVC teleconference.

Attachments and Other Input

  File Modified
PDF File LFN Certification_ evolution proposal 15102018.pdf Initial input presentation Oct 15, 2018 by Lincoln Lavoie
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Layer123 ETSI NFV TST Tutorial TST009 Slides.pptx Input from Margaret Chiosi Oct 25, 2018 by Lincoln Lavoie
PDF File gs_NFV-TST009v030101p.pdf Input from Margaret Chiosi Oct 25, 2018 by Lincoln Lavoie

Agreements Reached

The following agreements have been reach by the CVC, during a teleconference meeting.

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  1. How can I upload the ETSI docs for folks to review?

    1. Margaret Chiosi, I've uploaded them to the wiki page here and added an attachment list to help keep things up to date.