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Release date is TBD, but expected to be around September 2020, to keep alignment with the CNTT GA release cycles.

Release Goals

  • Date is set to align with the final release of the CNTT RC1 requirements.
  • Infrastructure badge will be based on CNTT RC1 certification requirement and testing. 
    • All testing will be run using the xTesting framework.
    • xTesting images and recipes pull from version controlled locations.

Release Gates

Infrastructure Badge

Status: Not Ready

  • How to deal with submissions that include allowed exceptions within CNTT RC1 submissions?  We will need a way to document each submitted exceptions.
    • Test requirements could be, MUST, SHOULD, MAY, where SHOULD and MAY trigger warnings, instead of MUST generating a failure case.  Reviewers would then be able to review / approve results that contain only "Pass" and "Warning" type results.
    • Rabi Abdel to create an issue to track this in the CNTT Github Issue.

VNF Badge

Status: Not Ready

  • Publish updated instructions to execute test cases on ONAP ReadTheDocs
  • Contributing new Python-based SDK for test automation (vvp/test-engine)
  • Refactoring existing tests to remove dependency on ONAP Robot framework
  • Update badge version number in result file
  • VVP tests have maintained 100% coverage of new VNF HEAT mandatory requirements added to the Frankfurt release
  • Don't believe there are any changes to the VNF TOSCA mandatory requirements.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Update build-tag to include a UUID
    • Include environment file compliance tests as part of vvp/validation-scripts run


Status: Not Ready

  • Update VNF Verified portal instructions to reference ONAP ReadTheDocs for test case execution instructions
  • Updates to meet CNTT requirements
    • VNF Types as by CNTT
    • Will need to track any exceptions granted to specific sets of results that result in an awarded badge
      • We will need the portal to capture the documentation / description of the exception, including who signed off on this exception (per OVP governance).
        • CNTT will document the exceptions, including a specific reference number. The CNTT documented exceptions are the only allowed exceptions.
      • Badges for systems with exceptions should note there were exceptions made for that "row" in the table.
      • Update the work flow for the portal to document when exceptions are documented as part of the application by the vendor, noting reviewers must look at the exception list, etc.  Then translate the work flow into a list of enhancements required to the portal to support the process.  
  • Lincoln Lavoie to work on the updated work flow for the portal to include the CNTT exceptions.
  • Consume xTesting results (Results DB format) for NFVI testing
    • Portal will handle the results import / change from Xtesting format to portal internal format.
    • Need to capture an example output from Xtesting that includes multiple tools (i.e. functest, yardstick, etc.)
  • Kanagaraj Manickam will reach out to Cedric to request an updated Xtesting output with multiple tools.
  • Need to increase the participation in the Dovetail portal team. This need was noted in the OPNFV TSC resources request that was recently made (March 2020).

Documentation Updates

Status: Not Ready

  • Documentation for this release will need to be updated to point to the appropriate upstream requirements
  • VNF requirements will be maintained in the ONAP Frankfurt read-the-docs
  • NFVI requirements will be maintained in the CNTT RC1 GA release
  • All documentation MUST be stable and tracked (i.e. tagged as part of an official upstream release, pointers to Wiki pages for requirements are not acceptable)
  • OVP documentation top level will be maintained in the OPNFV Dovetail Repos, which will then be built / tagged into the site.