The goal of this wiki page is to increase the transparency, engagement, collaboration, and utility of surveys emanating from LFN communities (LFN staff led, committee led, working group led, etc). Best practices are being developed to be applied across all surveys to help ensure consistency, data integrity, visibility across the community, and optimal cross-promotion while minimizing errors, duplication, confusion, and silos. If you are interested in conducting a survey in the LGN Community, please contact Brandon Wick.

LFN Survey Best Practices

Surveys In Motion:

Upcoming Surveys:

  • TBD

Periodic Surveys:

  • LFN Operations Survey
    • Owner: LFN Staff
    • Audience: LFN Community
    • Timeframe: Annually in Q2
  • LFN DTF Surveys
    • Owner: LFN Staff
    • Audience: LFN DDF Attendees
    • Timeframe: Sent after each LFN DDF Event

Recent Surveys:

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