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EUAG Meeting Recordings

Introductions of LFN staff and participants. Participants were asked their interest areas and hot button topics.


LFN - Jim Baker , Phil Robb , Heather Kirksey , Kenny Paul , David McBride

Beth Cohen - Verizion : hot onap Fred O very active, adding edge, containerization of network services

Chris Luke - Comcast :  hot none at this time

Kodi Atuchukeu - Vodafone: hot onap

Chuyi Guo - CMCC:   hot network services

David Perez Caparros – Swisscomm: hot onap, opnfv. Currently leading onap broadband usecase for Dublin release.

Donald Clarke -Cablelabs: hot hot which opensource pieces from LFN will be relevant. opnfv engaged, watching onap and edge

Gerald Knuzmann - DOCOMO : hot etsi nfv alignment. opnfv doctor and promise(?) projects

Herbert Damker – DT:  hot opnfv not active but watching nfvi standardization. opnfv logical place to host., profiling. active in onap and tf. using contrail. need to decide on os

Lingli Deng – CMCC: hot opnfv and onap. expand in to deep learning, looking @ and 

Rabi Abdel – Vodafone : hot tooling for certification of vnf nfvi standardization. network acceleration and dpdk (access accel in a open /std way). cnf & cncf

Michael Bugenhagen - CenturyLink:  hot anything that goes between intercompany digital communication and alignment.  Focus on recordkeeping and billing.

Randy Levensalor – Cablelabs: hot interoperability and containerization for thin end platform

Vincent Colas – Orange:  hot onap

15595158045 - did not speak

Yayoi Kobayashi – dropped

Zhangrurirui - CMCC: hot 5g

How to organize the workstreams?

  • Perfer to be spammed for all meetings... so I can pick chose which to attend.
  • Difficult to split into single projects - getting more email is better because of the overlap between projects
  • Tag the subject line on key topics
  • Until volume is understood, please spam

Decision: start with spamming for all topics and adjust

Meeting cadence

  • Every other week?
  • bi-weekly is a good initial cadence
  • Get agenda early 

Decision: Start with bi-weekly

Meeting time slot:

  • Asia PAC/US time slots (rotate time of meeting)
  • Could go back an hour early OR rotate?
  • Prefer a single time slot to avoid repeating topics - hard to get decisions
  • Do decisions email/wiki


Please email topics to Jim/Phil

Topics brainstorm:

  • How to interact with other orchestrators - which protocols to leverage to facilitate
  • Containerization of NwServices and security of the same
  • On-boarding common NFVI, onboard VNF
  • What are the gaps in making deployment difficult: training, other things that are friction in deployments
  • Ask members to give short talks on what they have been doing and reveal shortfalls
  • Closed meetings?- suggest open so that TSC can attend and hear first hand feedback? 
    • DECISION: Open meetings
  • Conflicting requirements - could be very technical - albeit value is cross-functional
  • Acceleration interfaces - want an open interface
  • Get understand of multi-SDN projects - where they overlap
  • "Why are there 17 orchestrators" - common architectural facets - platform oriented vs. service oriented architectures (resource model) same with policy
  • Containerization of NFVs - overview and discussion
  • VNF onboarding - standardize vis a vis accelerators and cloud native
  • OVP program and prioirities
  • ACTION Phil Robb send out survey based upon today's feedback.