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LF Staff: Jim Baker
Committee Members: Beth Cohen  Atul Purohit  Ahmed El Sawaf  Brian Freeman  Javier Ger Ken KANISHIMA  Lei Huang  Lingli Deng  Marc Fiedler   Marc-Alexandre Choquette  Rabi Abdel
Guests: Scott Blandford


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • 30 min on White Paper
    • 15 min on CNTT EUAG chapter
    • 10 min, priorities for release G (being a little proactive here) – refresh of the deck from earlier release
    • 5 min Prague or AoB


  • Review of the white paper progress
    • Contributors and focus is available: EUAG whitepaper workspace
      • Please add your inputs/comments
    • Discussion of consumption models revealed several different approaches to ONAP consumption
    • Target publication date: Jan 13, 2020
  • EUAG CNTT chapter
    • Rabi Abdel to outline the relationships between other initiatives/projects  
  • Release G
    • Atul will share the template for soliciting Rel G requirements
    • Javier asks about sharing the requirements with external vendors
      • Beth suggests that CNTT already has vendor participation
      • Perhaps a future ambition
    • NTT priorities Ken KANISHIMA
      • Consolidating input and planning on presenting in Prague
  • Prague event
    • Set up a time for EUAG 2hrs.
      • 1 hr EUAG
      • 1 hr. EUAG/CNTT joint
    • Remote participation requested

Chat Log

07:02:40 From Marc Fiedler : #info, Marc Fiedler, DT
07:03:20 From Brian Freeman (AT&T) : #info Brian Freeman, AT&T
07:04:02 From Lingli : #info Lingli, CMCC
07:26:13 From Brian Freeman (AT&T) : Agree , that is why we wanted Bell and Orange sections - even AT&T doesnt use all of the ONAP modules
07:28:26 From Marc Fiedler : Unfortunately I have to leave now. BR Marc
07:29:25 From Beth Cohen (Verizon) : I think laying out the different options I think will help break down the barriers.
07:29:38 From Marc-Alexandre Choquette (Bell) : BTW, I’m on - couln’t get to un-mute button fast enough, but I’ll add to it. Our consumption model, exprience, guiding principles in consuming ONAP, etc.
07:30:19 From Lingli : Me too
07:30:52 From Marc-Alexandre Choquette (Bell) : but definitely feel free to comment on what kind of content you would think is relevant - so that we have different perspectives/models, but also have somewhat similar content structure given they are within the same section.
07:39:43 From Lingli : I could try to make a questionaire for you to fill. So that we would be able to get similar content structure from CSPs.

Action items

  • Atul Purohit Create and share a template for all EUAG participants for Rel G requirements  
  • Rabi Abdel to outline the relationships between other initiatives/projects