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LF Staff: Kenny Paul Trishan de Lanerolle
Committee Members: Atul Purohit Brian Freeman  Fernando Oliveira @javier ger  Ken KANISHIMA Lei Huang Marc Fiedler Rabi Abdel Ryan Hallahan Vincent Colas Saad Ullah Sheikh
Guests: Bertrand SouvilleScott Blandford


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • White Paper Progress – 30 min

    • CNTT Plan – 15 min

    • Fred from Verizon has requested an EUAG slot for ETSI alignment – 5 min

    • Prague plan – 5 min

    • AOB – 5 min


  • White Paper Progress
    • Atul Purohit provided a read out of status of white paper.  EUAG whitepaper workspace
    • Updates made to ONAP sections of white paper. 
    • Waiting for feedback from Beth Cohen in ONAP consumption model section of white paper. 
    • ONAP consumption model is waiting for 2 break out calls. 
    • Atul Purohit taken action to share available AT&T models, to the extent possible. 
      • Discussion ensued around the different consumption models.
      • Need help with Section 3 Consumption models, which are currently lean on content.
      • Scott Blandford shared a slide on consumption models and discussion ensued 
        • What parts of ONAP are you using, how are you using them, how is ONAP ingested/integrated by the operators, how do you integrate with release cadence, how is ONAP customized by operators to run in their own environments
        • How are operators organized to support and enhance ONAP in production
        • Ryan Hallahan these were just our ideas. It is difficult to see things from an outsider's perspective.
        • Atul Purohit asked for additional perspectives
        • Fernando Oliveira think having these things notes along w/ pros/cons
        • @Javier Ger think this is good overall. It is difficult for us as there are no local integrators. There may be other geographies that are in similar situations
        • Scott Blandford the perspective of the doc is in a sales/marketing context. Not just gratuitous sharing of operator info.
  • EUAG CNTT Chapter
    • Atul Purohit shared his slides 
    • Provided an overview of CNTT (Standardizing different NFV infrastructures in an NFV world)
    • Can EAUG assist to raise awareness of CNTT. Develop an EAUG CNTT Chapter. 
      • Stakeholder map for CNTT (CSPs and vendors)
      • Supply and demand side aids/artifacts for service providers
      • N-W-E-S Interactions
    • Several members of the EUAG are also participating in CNTT
    • Can we look at using a similar model to what we have done with ONAP?
    • Rabi Abdel What artifacts / requirements come from CNTT and hwo do the go to downstream?
    • Is there impact to other projects?
    • Rabi Abdel Identify the relationships between CNTT and other LFN projects/initiatives 
    • @Javier Ger may need to do something similar to SDOs
  • ETSI Alignment Taskforce for EUAG
    • Fernando Oliveira provided overview how ONAP is integrates into Verizon environments and requirements for supporting ETSI mano standards, VNF packaging, managing etc.. 
      • How do we align ESTI with ONAP.  ETSI-Alignment Task Force-EUAG.pdf
      • ASK to EUAG:
        • can we get participation into the ETSI MANO requirements into ONAP?
        • can you provide resources for architecture, developments and testing?
  • Prague Developer & Testing Forum: 

Action items

  • Atul Purohit taken action to share available AT&T models, to the extent possible.  
  • Scott Blandfordupload the slide shared to today's minutes.  
  • Atul Purohit upload PDF of CNTT slides to today's minutes  
  • Rabi Abdel to develop one -two slide summary around CNTT positioning. 
  • Fernando Oliveira upload PDF of slides to today's minutes