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LFN Projects adhere to the LF Projects Code of Conduct which can be found here:

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  1. Thanks again for pulling this together.  A couple of questions:

    • As a reminder, is this a CoC for all of LFN or one that the TAC will recommend to each TSC to adopt?  Based on that answer, I would suggest more project-specific language in places where it says "our project" being replaced with "LFN" or the appropriate project name.
    • I'm not sure who the "project team" is that should receive reports... can we clarify?  If we can find any further guidance on how reports should be handled, I think that would be helpful here.
    • I see the project maintainer at the bottom... should it also include the governing board, MAC, and SPC?  (or is that outside our scope)?  
    • Does the "project maintainer" right (second paragraph under responsibilities) allow a PTL (for example) to unilaterally remove a comment that they deem abusive?  Or does the PTL (in this example) need to report it to the "project team"?
    • If we don't have a FAQ, we should remove that line near the bottom (which is also duplicated)
  2. Thank you for the excellent feedback

    • I believe that we were going to have a single CoC for the LFN that would apply to all projects under the LFN. I have updated the CoC with more project specific language.
    • In the conversation during the TAC, Heather Kirksey suggested an ombudsman. Perhaps the LF HR department has some advice or could provide that function.
    • I think that "project maintainer" should include anyone in a leadership position within the LFN or a project under LFN.
    • Allowing the PTL to remove a comment: This is worth a conversation, because I've already got about the same number of pros and cons.
    • We need an FAQ. I will see if I can put one together.
  3. Follow up from the 7/3 TAC Meeting:

    LF keeps a mediator on retainer.  Mishi Chaudhary from Software Freedom.

    I was asked to note that the LFN does have a default CoC in place as linked below, but we are welcome to adopt our own specific CoC.

  4. Thanks Casey Cain- can you also ask what the process is when a complaint is made (to Mike Dolan in the case of the LF CoC)?  Does it go immediately to the mediator, or is there another process?

  5. That's great news about the LF mediator.

    I suggest that everyone read the existing LF Projects code-of-conduct to see if it would be satisfactory for the LFN. It seems to be equivalent in intent to the proposed LFN Code of Conduct, and has the advantage of being maintained by the LF.