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30m, SHANKAR MALIK, Shivank Chaudhary 

In this Event we will be showing the Deployment of L3af on Linux Virtual Machine along with its integration with UPF(User Plane Function)

Topic Overview

In this event we will demonstrate the deployment of L3af on a Linux virtual machine and its integration with UPF (User Plane Function). This session will cover important aspects such as:

  1. L3af with User Plane Function: We will provide a concise diagram illustrating the relationship between L3af and the User Plane Function.

  2. L3af Architecture Overview: Get a comprehensive understanding of the architecture of L3af and its components.

  3. Setting up L3af on a VM: Learn how to effectively set up L3af on a Linux virtual machine.

  4. Attaching eBPF programs using the swagger API: Discover the process of attaching eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) programs to L3af using the swagger API.

  5. Monitoring eBPF programs with Grafana Dashboard: Explore the monitoring capabilities of eBPF programs through the Grafana Dashboard

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