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Casey Cain Ranny Haiby Heather Kirksey Kenny Paul Nick Davey Bob Monkman


  • General Topics
    • Layout
    • Health & Safety


  • Heather Kirksey Layout is somewhat configurable with airwalls.  Limited to once per day.
  • Overall we have plenty of space
  • Waiting on feedback from Events team about KubeCon about current lessons learned.
    • There are concerns about health and safety.
    • Discussions around if we should mandate masks.  General idea is that we should recommend masks but not enforce them.
    • Rachel Braun will follow up with the hotel staff to find out what their policy is. 
    • Seems like there may be a requirement for a recent test before arrival and return.
      • Heather Kirkseywe might consider a wiki page and maybe an onsite paper handout with locations and payment method to get tested in Porto before flight home.
  • Agreed to sessions start at 9, 1/2 hr break @ 10:30,  lunch from 12:30 - 2:00, 1/2 hr break at 3:30, daily summary @ 5:00
  • Proposal for the cross community sessions shared

Action items