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Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Notify group once Anuket Assured link is fixed.
2022-05-16 CVC Meeting Minutes
Sandra Jackson2022-05-16 CVC Meeting Minutes
Sandra Jackson2022-05-02 CVC Meeting Minutes
  • Sandra Jackson to update the page for the links and changes above in Items 3 & 4.
Sandra Jackson2022-03-28 CVC Meeting Minutes
Sandra Jackson2022-03-28 CVC Meeting Minutes
Lincoln Lavoie2021-07-19 CVC Meeting Minutes


2021.r1 Release

  • 8/30:  No action taken in meeting.  Release Merge Request:
  • 8/30:  Agreed to have Lincoln Lavoie Marc Price Olivier Smith attend an upcoming RC1/2 meeting to discuss and hopefully capture assumptions.  FIXMEs in the merge request
    • Still working through these, aiming to finalize these this week.
  • 8/30:  No action taken in meeting.  "How-to" guide needs to be migrated from the original program sites - Need to put together a MR to capture that material.
  • 8/30:  No action taken in meeting.  Need to add the current program graphics into the git-lab repo.
  • 8/30:  Heather Kirksey gave an update that this is still in progress.  Heather will also talk with ONES speakers to have them also show support in their presentations.   Initial participants at launch
    • Need to seek some operator partners to help champion the uptake of the program
    • Heather Kirksey is having conversations with the previous program participants and operator members
  • 8/30:  No action taken in meeting.  Need to finalize our release process (i.e. content freeze, review, fixes, and tagging)
    • For this release, we need to also have "plan-B" ready for the what would be in place of landscapes, if they won't be ready in time for ONE Summit.
  • Lincoln Lavoie] to migrate the how-to guide from the original program sides into markdown / READ ME documentation.  8/30:  No action taken in meeting. 
  • Brandon Wick to send Lincoln a copy of the current graphics when he returns from vacation (expected week of August 30).  8/30:  Heather Kirkseywill have Brandon send as he returns from vacation today. 
  • Lincoln Lavoie to propose a timeline for the release plan for the next meeting (August).  8/30:  No action taken in meeting.

Closed Actions:

  • 8/30:  AP on Heather regarding Release naming.  Agreed MM.DDDD but not on the badge itself.  Fine to use in lower level documents.
  • 8/30:  AP on Olivier regarding Information Model. We agreed several meetings back that what we have for now is sufficient.

EUAG Updates

  • Updates provided to the EUAG on the Tuesday, August 17.
  • Planning to update the EUAG white paper on testing to cover the Anuket Assured Program.
  • Need to ensure the white paper correctly addresses / references the cloud native aspects that will be included in the first AAP launch.
  • Need to develop a list of marketing materials and deliverables for the launch of the program at One Summit (ONES).

Any Other Business

  • Next Meeting: Sept 6, 2021