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LF Staff: Kenny Paul Jim Baker Casey Cain
Committee Members: Wenjing Chu Abhijit Kumbhare Ranny Haiby  Mark Beierl  Davide Cherubini Olaf Renner Christian Olrog Jason Hunt  Bin Hu Timothy Verrall

Guests: Mike Lazar Phil Robb Ahmed El Sawaf



  • ODL Project Review Abhijit Kumbhare
    • Slides
    • Ahmed El Sawaf requests information on ONAP specialization in ODL
    • Jason Hunt asks about composition of TSC 
      • A:  meritocracy w/11 members and a company limit of no more than 49% of TSC.   working well.
      • Grievance process in place - has been used periodically over the years for issues that need the TSC attention.
    • Ranny Haiby asks about project management
      • A: around 50-60 total but only about 20 that are actively managed - project committers can archive a project if they desire or TSC can archive is no activity in 2 years

  • Cross-Project DDF
    • The TAC meeting on Jan 15 will be one hour earlier due to Prague event (6 am pacific)

  • Technical White Paper update Ranny Haiby
    • Will have a F2F meeting in Prague to work on the papers.

Action items

  • Abhijit Kumbhare add the slides presented to these minutes  
  •  Abhijit Kumbhare send Ahmed El Sawaf details of ODL components customized for ONAP  
  • Casey Cain to update the TAC meeting invite for Jan 15 and ensure that the 2020 Invites are out and available.