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LF Staff: Jim Baker  Kenny Paul  Trishan de Lanerolle
Committee Members:  VM Brasseur Brian Freeman    Davide Cherubini  Catherine Lefevre  Ranny Haiby  Jason Hunt  Bin Hu Chaker Al-Hakim Timothy Verrall Christian Olrog Mark Beierl Abhijit Kumbhare
Proxies:   @Ray Kinsella - for Ed Warnicke
Guests: Mike Lazar



  • Infrastructure working group
  • Technical White Paper
    • Focusing on integration between projects (chap 3) hoping to have something by next week
    • Still need experts for SNAS and PNDA contributions  
  • Cross community collaboration
    • Only 2 members signed up, need to get critical mass
    • Don't have to me a member of the TAC to contribute to this task - please reach out to Lingli Deng if interested in participating
  • LFN GB update
    • Other items: Budget approval 
    • GB asked for more transparency in IT costs
    • Projects requested to reduce the OpEx run rate - review storage costs and other expenses on a per project basis
    • Membership pipeline - seems steady
      • Should LFN membership be required for networking project inclusion?
        • LFN cannot mandate a project become a LFN project to organize under LFN
        • Creates challenges in understanding the loosely coupled projects
        • TAC can articulate the "reasons to become a LFN member" for new projects - leverage white paper & cross-community collaboration
    • Do individual projects get a specific budget?
      • Request a communication back to the TSCs 
  • f2f in Prague - will plan for a meet up 
    • Jason, Mark B, Chaker, Ranny, Catherine, Davide, Christian 

Action items