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LF Staff: Casey Cain Arpit Joshipura Brandon Wick  Trishan de Lanerolle Kenny Paul
Committee Members: Chaker Al-Hakim VM Brasseur Marc Fiedler Jason Hunt Ranny Haiby Frank Brockners Timothy Verrall  Catherine Lefevre Christian Olrog Abhijit Kumbhare Ed Warnicke Bin Hu Brian Freeman Davide Cherubini Morgan Richomme
Guests: Bryan Madden



MAC @Bryan Madden provided verbal update of ongoing MAC efforts.

  • 5G, Edge and Cloud native bubbled up as three topics/ focus areas of commonality to message around. 
  • Marketing leads for each project driving messaging
  • Going to participate in fewer big events and focus on ONES
  • KPIs - 
    • Deployment
    • Developer engagement
    • Thought Leadership 

Budget Arpit Joshipura reviewed the slides 

  • Finance committee meeting on Friday to prepare for Nov 13 GB meeting
  • Learned a lot for the 2019 process
  • Changes for 2020 that focus on input alignment
  • Marketing
    • increase digital marketing & developer content
    • reduce large trade shows & mini-summits @ non-network events
  • Development/Projects
    • use managed event sites rather than member hosted for Dev Forums
      • Ed Warnicke requested clarification for collocated with dataplane projects and do not want to collocate with ONES or other orchestration/test event
      • Dataplane event options under review and discussion as part of data plane projects planning group, hosted by DPDK.
      • Arpit Joshipura dataplane collocation is accounted for 
    • increase hardware
    • plan for IT modernization
    • reduce hosting costs
  • LF Staff & Support
    • steady state
    • hire program manager(s) to address gap from Phil Robb departure
    • look into developer advocates
  • No changes to internship, discretionary funds, meetups, release engineering and release management
  • Frank Brockners Recommend that the TAC to take the action to evaluate how we can better share compute/build resources across LFN projects.   Simple example would be how long do projects save zoom recordings to better manage storage.
  • Abhijit Kumbhare OpenDaylight did work this year to optimize the tests run (reduce the number of unnecessary tests run and adjust frequencies of some of the tests run). In the coming year, ODL does want to increase tests in areas like scale & stability testing, etc.

Technical white papers Ranny Haiby

  • have input from a few projects, but need more
  • Technical Whitepaper Working Group
  • Do not need to be TAC members just need to be SMEs in their respective projects
  • PLEASE add names to the list

Infrastructure Workgroup Casey Cain

  • Need more support from experts.  Please vounteer by reaching out to Casey or adding yourself to the mailing list.
  • Next meeting is expected to be the first week of December. 

Action items