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LF Staff: Casey Cain Jim Baker Trishan de Lanerolle
Committee Members: Chaker Al-Hakim Ranny Haiby Brian Freeman Wenjing Chu Catherine Lefevre Frank Brockners Timothy Verrall Christian Olrog  
Abhijit Kumbhare Davide Cherubini Bin Hu  Jason Hunt(late)



  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • Technical Whitepaper review - Ranny Haiby
    • MAC Update -  Bryan Madden
    • ITX Modernization Update
    • X-Community Collaboration
    • Project Lifecycle Review Process


MAC Update (deferred)

Technical White Paper Review Ranny Haiby

  • Objective of WP: Outline how all the pieces of the LFN integrate/play together
  • Workspace for the WP development has been created and volunteers identified 
  • Continue to use Confluence for the WP development
  • Workgroup calls will be scheduled at the same time slot as the TAC meetings, on the opposite weeks of the TAC meetings.
  • Workgroup members are requested to fill in their areas of expertise in the table on the wiki page.

ITX Modernization Update/LFN Infra WG

Cross Community Collaboration

  • Goal: Enhance the collaboration between the LFN projects
  • Call for volunteers to participate is out
  • Requested all representatives from LFN projects to go back to their communities and educate about the taskforce
  • Also need outreach to external communities as well

Project Lifecycle Review

  • Proposal for annual reviews of LFN level projects
  • Most effective approach to lifecycle reviews (brainstorm)
    • Technical governance 
    • Size of community - some projects are quite small
    • Commits/company
    • project roles and process for filling/removing people in roles
    • contributor diversity
    • need to capture archiving/EOL activities
  • Once a month dedicate a portion of the TAC meeting to this purpose

Action items