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demo / preso,
working session,
team mtg,

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Ye Olde Example Entry workshop In this workshop different techniques for surviving the zombie apocalypse will be discussed. ONAP & OPNFV <20 30 min any
Huang Haibin The automation deployment of vCPE of TOSCA with HPA  workshop & demo Introduce how to automate deploy vCPE of TOSCA with HPA use case.  ONAP <20 30 min no  June 14 Rahul Tyagi

A proposal about single O&M platform for heterogeneous cloud

presentation & discussion

For operators, creating a heterogeneous cloud including vm, container & bare metal, which can meet ICT service requirements and provide network functions, would be a goal for edge.   

In this session, an idea about unified LCM and O&M for heterogeneous clouds on the edge will be discussed.

any <20 30 min Not June 11
weichen ni Key research and technology related to C-RAN/O-RAN network discussion Discuss about the relative research and technology on C-RAN/O-RAN network including virtualized RAN with white box pico-station, potential MEC scenario with virtualized RAN, Radio Intelligent Controller with virtualized RAN.  OPNFV & O-RAN <20 30 min any morning
Kubernetes based cloud region support to deploy all kinds of deployments - VNFs, CNFs, IT application micro-services Presentation and Discussion Present the work done as part of ONAP R4 & OPNFV OVN4NFV project and propose new features in ONAP R6 and OPNFV such as :  Multi-Cluster scheduler to schedule applications across multiple sites, Matching engine to identify sites with edge labeling and K8s operator support etc...   Also, will present some use cases and expectations on how they need to get deployed and how ONAP R6 work takes care of these deployments ONAP & OPNFV 40 60 min no June 14

Andreas Geissler

@Qihui Zhao

Container infrastructure for CNFs Presentation + Discussion Present current Samsung experiences with CNF infrastructure (outside of ONAP) and discuss how it applies to and can be leveraged in ONAP solution. ONAP & OPNFV 20-40 45min not June 14 (Friday)
@ Yi Yang Opendaylight scalability issues in super scale data center Presentation + Discussion In industries, many commercial SDN products have been rolled out based on Opendaylight, but Opendaylight community release is not ready to enter super scale data center which has 1000+ servers, reliability, horizontal scalability and performance are fundamental requirements, this presentation will point out current scalability issues and possible solutions and propose some effort directions in the future ODL development, also encourage PTLs can participate in discussion and elaborate scalability issues in every project and propose some good solutions. Cloud data center is a critical area Opendaylight must take care of if we want to keep Opendaylight successful continuously.



20-40 60min Any day, the time had better be friendly to China
shasha guo Experience Sharing of Hardware acceleraion in China Mobile Presentation + Discussion Present the work done about hardware acceleration In China Mobile, such as the the OVS offloading test, Also will present some focus about future research. OPNFV & ONAP <20 30min Not June 11
shasha guo OPNFV Rocket project in dataplane acceleration Presentation + Discussion Present the desigh thought of common API for hardware acceleration in dataplane. Discuss about th GTP offloading requirement and procedure of VNF, the common API may be use in this prcedure. OPNFV&Edge <20 30min Not June 11
All you need to know about the building block workflows in Service Orchestrator. Presentation + Discussion This discussion / presentation will give insights to understand the concepts and implementation details behid the SO building blocks, the idea is to make it as simple as possible for someone new to ONAP able to appreciate and use the existing building blocks and futher build / enhance their own on the top. ONAP 20-40 20min Any time friendly to both Asia and US folks.
ONAP Documentation  Work session Short term and long term improvements. Followup on ongoing activities. El Alto planning.  ONAP 
2 half days

Sweetcomb: Unified Management Interface and Integration

Presentation + Discussion

Sweetcomb is an open source project, to provide an unified management interface to configure and telemetry Appliances, VNFs and CNFs.

It can be leveraged in Edge Networking and Cloud, such as SD-WAN, 5G, IoT, etc.

There are 12 industry founders, including Intel, Cisco, Pantheon Technologies,  Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, China Mobile etc.

It has published two official releases so far.

The architecture and the implementation of the ONAP Policy Framework was substantially upgraded in the ONAP Dublin release. In this talk, we present the evolved ONAP Policy Framework discussing the most important improvements, and describing the evolved architecture of the Policy Framework. We highlight the power of TOSCA Policy Types and how they can be used to build translation applications.

This session will introduce Sweetcomb project and cover key elements:

1) Provides gNMI interface and OpenConfig Yang models for Cloud.

2) Provides NETCONF & RESTCONF interfaces and IETF Yang models for Telecom.

3) Can Support different Data Planes, such as VPP, DPDK, Linux Kernel and OVS.

4) Can integrate with SDN Controllers and Orchestration, such as ONAP, K8s, ODL and ONOS, etc.

5) Supports High Availability and real-time streaming telemetry in Containers., OpenDaylight, ONAP,



20-40 30min any time Samuli Kuusela
Release process improvements preso and discussion

Two main topics:

  1. El Alto milestones and release plan
  2. Frankfurt milestones and release plan

ONAP 20-40 1.5 hours
 Modeling Subcommitee  team mtg  Modeling subcommitee weekly meeting  modeling subcommittee  <20  1.5 hours  11th June. 9am Eastern time
The ONAP Policy Framework Enhancements Presentation + Discussion The architecture and the implementation of the ONAP Policy Framework was substantially upgraded in the ONAP Dublin release. In this talk, we present the evolved ONAP Policy Framework discussing the most important improvements, and describing the evolved architecture of the Policy Framework. We highlight the power of TOSCA Policy Types and how they can be used to build translation applications. ONAP
Anyone who uses or may use the Policy Framework
20-40 60 Minutes Any afternoon

Ram Krishna Verma

& "The Policy Team"

Showing the capabilities of New Policy Components in an oom installation of ONAP


Present the new components of Policy Framework using an OOM deployment of ONAP.

Go through each of them one by one explaining the deployment structure.

And then finally showing a demo of creating & deploying policy in a pdp engine using the new architecture.


Anyone who uses or may use the Policy Framework

20-40 60 minutes Any afternoon (except June 14)
Zu Qiang (Ericsson) PNF software upgrade Presentation + Discussion Support PNF in-place software upgrade in ONAP Frankfurt ONAP 20-40 60 minutes any morning

Gervais-Martial Ngueko

Control Loop Sub Committee

Control Loop El Alto/Frankfurt Planning Presentation

Presentation of each of the functional requirements being proposed for El Alto/Frankfurt releases.

5-15 minutes per functional requirement.

ONAP+ <20 90 minutes any afternoon - except the 14th

Gervais-Martial Ngueko

Control Loop Sub Committee

Control Loop functional requirements Deep Dive Working Session ONAP <20 60 minutes any afternoon - except the 14th
yaoguang wang 5G Provisioning management service to NRM Presentation + Discussion Based on the current CDS mechanism, present the support of provisioning management service, especially for 5G RAN NRM. ONAP 20-40 30 minutes no  June 14

Samuli Kuusela , Security Sub-Committee

Review of ONAP Security Requirements Working session

Everyone is welcome to join! And give written comments in Jira, see link below.

This is continuation of review of the ONAP Security requirements. We use Jira tickets for conducting the reviews: As of May 16, requirements up to & including Jira ticket SECCOM-164 have been reviewed.

ONAP <20 2 half days preferably afternoons, not Friday

Byung-Woo Jun,

@Michael Morris.

Seshu Kumar M

ETSI SOL003 Adapter Plugin support for SVNFM and Enhancement Presentation + Discussion

Presentation of ETSI SOL003 Adapter Plugin support for SVNFM and adapter enhancement roadmap for El Alto and Frankfurt

  • Architecture and Features
  • Technical debt
  • Futuristic thoughts around the SOL003 adapter and its possible placement in the ONAP deployment (Food for thought)
ONAP 20-40 60 Minutes Any afternoon except June 14
ONAP Offline installer Presentation + Discussion


  • architecture
  • procedure

What has change since last DDF meeting

  • introducing Integration tests
  • Ansible installer for Cassablanca

Future plans for El-Alto and beyond

  • establish community CI offline builds (including automated offline platform build)
  • align offline installer with community life cycle
  • challenges,  concerns 

Offline installer in Read the Docs: link

ONAP 20-40 45 minutes not Friday


David McBride OPNFV TSC Team Meeting Regular meeting of the OPNFV TSC OPNFV < 20 60 minutes Tues, 3 p.m.
Alla Goldner Atul Purohit ONAP Usecasesub and EUAG joint workshop presentation + discussion we will discuss SP priorities as brought to EUAG and requirements coming from ONAP member companies to set priorities and scope for Frankfurt Release ONAP >60 4 hours Tuesday  (have to be as Atul will not be able to attend later)

Experience Sharing of Trustworthiness Improvement In ONAP Development

Presentation + discussion Introduction Huawei open source team's effort in assuring code and docker security by apdoting open source tools in development, such as coverity and anchore.



<20 30 mins any afternoon
ONAP Operations Manager Enhancements  Presentation and Demo OOM Enhancements for El Alto and Frankfurt releases. Includes demo of ONAP Operations Manager Dashboard. ONAP
90 mins Not Friday.
ramki krishnan , Srinivasa Addepalli , Mike Elliott , Vijay Venkatesh Kumar Edge Automation WG Presentation + Discussion

Community Updates

  • Akraino Collaboration - SD-WAN Blueprints etc.

Progress on

  • Plans for Frankfurt Releases
  • Related presentations; OOM Enhancements (Mike Elliott), K8S Cloud Region  Support
ONAP 20-40 60 mins. any afternoon after 3:00pm local time (some folks are in US PST time zone)
VNF Application Configuration in ONAP Presentation + discussion How ONAP is going to handle VNF Application Configuration? As ONAP is already introducing SOL003 and SOL005, it is worth introducing SOL002 as well. I will present work that Samsung has done as part of the internal demo + discussion about the future of Application LCM interfaces in ONAP. ONAP <20 20-30 min not Friday
Catherine Lefevre ONAP El-Alto Prioritization Discussion

This session is dedicated to review the ONAP requirements backlog foreseen for El-Alto.

Feel free to fill in pro-actively the following wiki page:

ONAP 20+ 2x 30 mins Early afternoon
What should be the ONAP TSC Priorities for the next 6 months? Discussion

This session is dedicated to identify what would be the top 3 priorities of the TSC in order to support the ONAP Community, to improve any process/toolchain gaps and to build an execution plan accordingly.

Feel free to create new TSC tasks in JIRA under "ONAP TSC" project

ONAP <20 2x 30 mins Any time Current remaining ONAP TSC activities:

Amar Kapadia

Rajendra Mishra 

FlexRAN Onboarding to ONAP Presentation + Demo Virtual Radio Area Network (vRAN) is a critical piece for upcoming 5G networks. In this demo, we will show you how to build the FlexRAN (an open source vRAN approximation VNF from Intel), onboard it onto ONAP and then deploy it onto OpenStack. Once the service is deployed, the FlexRAN service performs basic operations in a simulated environment. ONAP 20-40 45 mins Any day morning Samuli Kuusela

Liam Fallon merely submitted session proposal

Developer Unconference Unconference This session gives developers an opportunity to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, areas that can be improved, and areas that threaten project failures. The focus here is on developer issues such as but not limited to languages, coding, processes, tools, methods, project structures. The result of this session could be a report for the steering committee of projects.

One suggestion would be to run this session using a technique such as SWOT analysis but that's only one suggestion. The format of the session and the reporting done from the session is at the discretion of the participants on the day.
Any Project 20-40 120 minutes Any Day except Friday
AAI Data Model / Visualization Tools / Graph Traversals Presentation and demo We will look at the AAI data model and some of the visualization tooling that is being developed around it.  We'll look at AAI custom queries that allow for easy traversals of the graph database, and touch on new features for even more flexible traversals slated for future releases. ONAP

OPNFV XCI Past, Present, Future Presentation

In this session, we will present what XCI is, how it was started, what it achieved, and where it is going. We will also have a discussion around XCI in LFN context and address any questions community members have.

OPNFV 20-40 45 mins Any day except Friday, June 14th
OPNFV XCI Framework Details and Demo Presentation and Demo In this session, we will go into the details of XCI Framework, its architecture, the principles and practices followed. We will also talk about how we decoupled OPNFV Scenario development from the actual installer toolchain utilized by XCI by pushing scenario specific code into corresponding repositories. It will be followed by a short demo. OPNFV 20-40 90 mins Any day except Friday, June 14th
Discussion on  XCI Project Proposal and team meeting Discussion OPNFV XCI is proposed as a project to OPNFV Community and it is expected to be reviewed by OPNFV Community and OPNFV TSC. This session aims to have a discussion within the proposed project's team together with wider OPNFV and LFN communities to further address questions, comments, and concerns face to face.


Any project

20-40 60 mins Any day except Friday, June 14th
ONAP TSC Meeting Team Meeting ONAP F2F TSC ONAP >60 120 min Thursday @16:00 local time
@Yehui Wang

Experiences in switching to Alpine Linux and upgrading to Java 11

Presentation + discussion

This session would cover two experiences sharing topics, that is gathered in working at Policy Framework but can be applied anywhere:

  1. Switching docker base image from ubuntu to apline, that would reduce footprint signicantly . 
  2. Investigation result about upgrade Java 11 from Java 8, that is tricker than most upgrades. We have to face some challenges, like:
    some modules were removed or deprecated, we need to find the replacements; IDEs, plugins and tools also need to be updated; some new features are introduced, etc.

Meanwhile it would be also great to listen to your opinions.

ONAP 20-40 60 mins Any day
Davide Cherubini ONAP Platform with network security as an application Presentation + discussion Looking into security of the managed environment, this could be represented as a 3rd party application using ONAP.  The questions to explore are: how does a 3rd party application use ONAP? What are the options and approaches?

SO Multicloud Plugin adapter usage and plans Presentation + discussion

Demonstrate use of the SO multicloud plugin adapter to instantantiate workloads via Multicloud – showing how HPA policies can be utilized and also deployment to Kubernetes cloud regions.  Discuss API, feature/functionality work items, integration, etc.

ONAP 20-40 60 Morning time
@Chengli Wang Experiences in customized NFV Orchestrator with ONAP

Presentation + Demo

Sharing the experiences in developing CMCC NFV Orchestrator with ONAP,  some concerns/improvements/requirements about projects of ONAP

Demonstrate CMCC NFV Orchestrator, including package management, life cycle management. etc.

ONAP 20-40 30 no June 11th and 14th

Chuanyu Chen

ONAP Orchestrated SD-WAN & Edge Presentation +Demo

Sharing the demo of using ONAP to orchestrate SD-WAN and Edge. Will cover the following topics:

1.Share the scenario of SD-WAN & Edge

2.How we model it in ONAP SDC.

3.Closed loop;Band width on demand.

ONAP 20-40 30 Any time

Harry Huang

Running ONAP on Huawei Cloud Demo Demonstrate the steps to create a running ONAP instance on Huawei Public Cloud. ONAP 20-40 30

Yan Yang

OpenLab Subcommittee 

OpenLab El Alto/Frankfurt Planning Working session

Open Lab Subcommittee meeting

1. Lab update  - invite lab owner to introduce the lab latest status

2. Disscuss how to better utilize lab resources and oversight lab utilization

3. OpenLab E/F work planing

ONAP <20 60min Any time
Unified Parser/Catalog in ONAP Presentation+discussion

1.Introduce the implemented tosca parser microservice 

2. The E/F work planing

3. Requirements Collection

ONAP 20-40 45min no June 11th
VF-C Dublin Highlights and Commercial Application Presentation+discussion

1.Introduce the VF-C work in Dublin

2.The VF-C commercial application from different vendor

3. The VF-C Requirements collection and discussion in E/F 

ONAP 20-40 60min no June 11th
Thinking of PNF Software Upgrade Using Ansible Presentation+discussion Present the work done about PNF software upgrade using Ansible, and propose the enhancement roadmap for El Alto, such as:
1. SO workflow
2. Query and update A&AI
3. Northbound API
4. Ansible management API
5. etc.
ONAP 20-40 30 minutes No June 14th